Why TWI ?

How we perform and what makes Tenant Works Inc. special

When we represent a client, we look at the project and its entirety, Peter learned early that there can be incomplete areas not discussed or thought through and those can be vital to the success of the project. We work with the teams which can include ownership, brokers, tenant, space planner/architect, building managers and city building departments. Scheduling and budgets are always forefront. Peter manages the projects from pricing, scheduling and managing in the field. Peter’s wife Deon handles office details. Our role is to make sure the project evolves as planned. We believe harmonious relationships lead to better communications and a more complete and comfortable project experience.

We are in the service business and realize that for us and Tenant Works Inc. the best way to serve our clients is directly. We have remained small and have enjoyed and appreciated working with many of the same clients for over 20 years.